Photo Credits


“Images evolve from images” (around 1967)
Nay in his studio, 1963
© Stefan Moses, München

“Painting is the spiritual setting of colour” (um 1967)
Nay in his studio, 1958
© Florence Henri, Paris

“I live the adventure of the white canvas” (1953)
Nay in his studio, 1964
© Stefan Moses, München

Ernst Wilhelm Nay foundation

Entrance to the former living and studio house of Nay
© 2003 Andreas Pohlmann


Aurel Scheibler
© Aurel Scheibler, Berlin

Bianca Knall
© Andreas Endermann

Dr. Magdalene Claesges
© Ernst Wilhelm Nay Stiftung, Köln

Dr. Ulf Küster
© 2012 Myriam Rüegsegger

Dr. Angela Lampe
© 2018 Hervé Veronese, Centre Pompidou

Prof. Dr. Christiane Lange
© Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Dr. Ingrid Pfeiffer
© Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt a. M.

Dr. Frank Spieker
© Oliver Wykrota, Essen

The artist

Unless otherwise stated, the photos are coming from the archive of Elisabeth Nay-Schiebler, Cologne.

1946 – Nay in conversation with Ernst Gosebruch (in his Hofheim Studio)
© Ludwig Baron Döry

1947 – Nay’s studio in Hofheim
© Ludwig Baron Döry

1952 – With his woodcuts from 1952
© Hans Lülsdorff, Cologne

1959 – Nay in his studio
© Gisela Gluch, Cologne

Um 1960 – Nay in his studio
© Marie-Agnes Countess zu Dohna


Solo Exhibitions
Nay-Exhibition at Michael Werner, Cologne 2017
© 2017 Lothar Schnepf

Group Exhibitions
Exhibition room with Nay-paintings in the Hamburger Kunsthalle 2018
© 2016 Aurel Scheibler

Window display of the bookstire Walther König
in the occassion of Nay’s 100th birthday, Cologne 2002
© 2002 Aurel Scheibler

Nay, on the movie “Eine Melodie – vier Maler” painting, 1953
© 1953 Ahrweiler Presse-Bild, Dusseldorf

Entrance to the Museum Ludwig, Cologne
© 2017 ginton, iStockphotos by getty images

Exhibition room of the Galerie Michael Werner, Cologne
© Michael Werner Kunsthandel, Cologne

Catalogue raisonné

Look up the corresponding proofs in:
Aurel Scheibler: Ernst Wilhelm Nay. Werkverzeichnis der Ölgemälde. Köln 1990. 2 Bde. Hier Band 1, S. 413

Catalogue raisonné, Watercolors, gouaches, drawings

Look up the corresponding proofs in:
Magdalene Claesges: Ernst Wilhelm Nay. Werkverzeichnis. Aquarelle – Gouachen – Zeichnungen. 3 Bde. Ostfildern/ Berlin 2012-2018
Band 1: Aquarelle, Gouachen, Zeichnungen 1919 – 1948. Ostfildern 2012, S. 520 ff.
Band 2: Aquarelle, Gouachen, Zeichnungen 1949 – 1953. Ostfildern 2014, S. 462 f.
Band 3: Aquarelle, Gouachen, Zeichnungen 1954 – 1968. Berlin 2018, S. 532 f.


Staircase in the first floor of the former House and studio of Nay
© 2003 Andreas Pohlmann


© for all works of Ernst Wilhelm Nay:  Elisabeth Nay-Scheibler, Cologne/ VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn